Faith Community Health Ministry Networks

Health and well-being require emotional, social, spiritual resources as well as physical capabilities. Humans have or are “healing systems” which come into positive effect only when they are seen in the context of the larger systems around them. Health and well-being must be viewed within the context of self, others, nature and God.

Faith Community Health Ministry NetworksForming Partnerships
Understanding the role of faith and spirituality in forming a healthy community, the Bon Secours Health System has created partnerships with professional nurses, health ministers and faith communities to form Faith Community Health Ministries. Ministry partners extend the healing ministry of  faith community nursing through promotion of whole-person health often acting as health educators, personal health counselors, referral agents, support group leaders, health advocates, volunteer coordinators, and advocates for social justice.

Understanding and Caring for One Another
As servant leaders there is a commitment to form a caring relationship and be a listening presence. The ministry partners work to strengthen the capacities of individuals and families to understand and care for one another in light of their relationship with God.


Bon Secours Faith Community Health Ministry

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